My suggestions for the game

Hi Devs
What follows are my thoughts on how to make this game more appealing

Market that has more than just 6 items at a time, or allow us to buy any item all the time, or scale items available with player level (only see 4+ or 5+ star items when above lv100) - getting tired of waiting for refresh/disappointment of not seeing what I want

Superpass seems underwhelming - would be better if it allowed you additional free resources in each fit chest, and reduces all crystal prices by 10-20%, remove cost of crystals in fitness quests (stand up, drink water, etc…)

Reduce cost of crystals for additional resources in fit chests - spending 300+ crystals to get resources on the final chests is rediculous

Overall, crystals are used too frequently in the game, it’s starting to seem like a cash grab to me - crystals to upgrade storage, crystals to upgrade skills, crystals to buy high grade weapons, crystals to let you play events, crystals to let you collect ALREADY EARNED resources in fit chests…
Alternatively, you could increase crystal resource collection

Anyways, that’s my rant for the day
Thanks for reading, all constructive comments appreciated