My previous progress is lost

After the server is back up again, I find myself back in the ice world…I was previously in candy world.It took me at least two months to get to candy…and now poof everything gone.I even remember saving the progress manually days before the server was down.if there’s any way of getting my progress back please let me know.I don’t want to redo that all over again.All the amethyst producing plants that I waited for a really long time to get is gone as well.All the levels that I previously upgraded are all gone.That was at least ten levels.
Oh man I’m gonna cry if this can’t be fixed.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. May I please grab your game id to investigate? Did you reinstall the game?

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Yeah sure it’s MnJza@YhL and yep I reinstalled the game
The server was previously down so I tried to reinstall it to see if that helps.
But I do remember saving the game manually before it was down.

Hi, can you please login now and see if you’ve got your old progress back? If not, please let me know the progress you are seeing now.

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It’s back!!Thank you so much!!

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Hi! Mine just did the same thing! Can you help? I got a new phone and I logged into my play account and fitbit which age the same abs my game still wants me to start from the beginning can you get my progress back plz? My Google play account is bookityfuk I don’t know If you can help with just that I dont know my ID from the game that phone broke n I can’t access that have no longer…

Thank you for reaching out. Let’s carry this conversation to the private messages.

Hello! Thank you for replying! Very quickly too! Ok my Google play says I originally started pocket plants in 4/2018 SBC’s I loaded my google play account but the game won’t reload to my original game I think I was on the level past Iceland or still on Iceland… what can I do?? Thanks!