Multiplayer focus mode

it says this feature has already been added, but when i click it says its still under development?

i love the game SO MUCH BTW<3


Hi, thank you for reaching out. The feature is still under development. Please stay tuned!

Because some of the feature is still under development until they release the focus plant’s update. From Focus Plant version 2.3 updating to 2.4 enabled the Nursery, Sync and Motivational Messages need an internet connection and the Offline Mode . This one is further update or upcoming release :arrow_up:. Newer version will include critical, bug fixes, improvement, stability and performance issue. They may release update after finalizing the Multiplayer focus mode. When you updating the app, all the app data will not be lost until you installed the update. When you open the app, sometime the game config may update to make the focus plant’s application to restart. When the focus plant’s application was restarted, it will established a connection and continue where you left off. So, they will release the update in google play store and app store. It may take a while to several hours to be able in your country.

In addition to this topic

Also, the multiplayer mode is a major feature update. You still need to check the app store or play store regularly but it will come soon because marspark hasn’t finalized the features. The most recent major features update is Focus Plants v2.4.6. Also, they will make announcement in the Focus Plant Discord.