More apprentice/master rewards?

I just hit level 67 and disappointed there and no more rewards after this. Maybe some ongoing rewards based on step count would be good? Like every 1000 steps auto send bonus (energy, gems, runes, something, anything) to master?

Actually steps for guild points would be nice too. Or have guild leaderboard? Like which members have most steps per day? More member stats would help guild leaders decide who to kick and who to promote. Contribution history, points per day, per member. Not only total contribution, average contribution points per day per member, etc.


Hope to revive this thread.

I like the idea. Maybe even just resources every 10+ levels for both master and apprentice after they hit Lv67 would be great. It doesn’t have to be big or game changing, but the psychology behind working towards a reward can be great :call_me_hand:t5:

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I agree there should be more rewards to come when reaching higher levels, around 85+, 100+, 125+, 150+. I’d suggest a free Legend-type pet and a free 6-star equipment set for apprentice and Legendary Runes and pet Parts to add for master rewards.


Thank you for the feedback. I’ll bring it to our game designer.