Money purchases

I bought a rogue pack for 9.99 and i did not recive the character for use. Why not ? The payment went through but i received nothing.

Hi Kyle,

Could you send over the purchase receipt and your game ID (ID is found on the game settings page) to look up on the system and investigate?


My game id is. zjm6qr

And here is the transaction

And also a picture of it saying i have the character after purchas

And you can see here i so not have use of a rogue

Its just thr basic mage,warrior,priest,knight

If it doesnt get fixed ill be dispiting the transaction with my bank and ill just get my money back.

Hi @Kyle_Melchert, please collect everything from your mail. I’ve also sent you some crystals for the trouble you’ve gone through.

Happy walking!

Thank you so much for fixing that! I really appreciate it.

@marspark Im having the same rogue issue mentioned above. I actually got to to use the rogue for a few rounds then my phone died I powered it back on while charging. all my progress was gone and the rogue is showing purchased like the screen shots above i had purchased a rogue ring and got lucky with a rogue sword drop for him but now it’s all gone and my progress is where I left off last night

@Death sorry for the delay, I’ve replied to your other post pleaes check it out