Modal freeze after view prevents reward

I got the usual pop up after syncing to let me watch a video to increase my diamonds from roughly 800B to 1T or 1.6T… I don’t recall. Watched the video and then the modal froze and no clicks registered. Closed the app and reopened it. No modal, no 1.6T diamonds, not even the 800B diamonds.

Wokamon version 2.8
Android 7.0
Steps to reproduce above
Wokamon account name as Casey Rogers tied to facebook profile

Hi Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I’ve checked your data and sent over some topazes. Please report again if anything like this happen in the future. Thank you for your patience!

I just commented another post about the same thing.

Mine does this occasionally too.

It has also frozen & crashed a few times while using tap & hold fruits, and I end up losing several seconds of the fruit bonus.

I haven’t noticed any kind of “pattern” to it, or any reason for it happening.

But usually, if I completely close the app then open it again, it works fine. However, I still lose out on my rewards.

Hi @Anayatay, is it possible to send over a wokamon crash log? They are located in the wokamon folder in your file manager app.