Missing will stones and fit pts due to game crash

I have been playing fitness rpg for around 2 weeks and I find the game fantastic, its fun to play and motivates me to walk more. An occurring issue I have been starting to get is my game crashes every so often. This also happens with my other apps occasionally so I dont think its a bug in the game. Recently I was evolving my warlock to 6 stars. As the animation of evolving the character occurred my game crashed. Normally This would not change any progress but because It was the second after I evolved a character I think the game took away fit pts and will stones and left my warlock un changed. If possible can I get back the items I have lost?

My profile id: d5wev2

Hi Dylyn, thank you for reaching out. Can you please save the game in the settings and let me know once you are done?

Hi, I have saved my game in the cloud. I have made up most of what I lost other than a few will stones. I am fine with not getting back what i lost. I dont want to restart my game from when I lost my items but I am perfectly ok with getting some of my lost items back. Thanks for all the assistance so far.

Hi @Dylyn, I’ve checked your account and the willstones you earn is not enough to evolve your hero from 5->6 stars. Can you please double check? Thanks!

Sorry if I may have worded problem poorly. I lost the stones and fit points when my game crashed but my character stayed the same amount of stars. I have almost accumulated enough resources back so if I am not able to receive the lost items i would be fine with that.