Missing SuperPass Rewards for September 21

I am missing my SuperPass Rewards from yesterday (September 21), but did receive for today and past days.

Is there a way to force the missing rewards to send within the app?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can I please grab your game id for investigation?

My game ID is 6v626n.


Hi @GatorBanana, I’ve sent the rewards to your in-game mail while we are investigating your issue. Thank you for your patience!

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Thank you, I’ve received them!

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I seem to be missing today’s Rewards (October 13).

Confirming that I’ve never received my October 13 reward. Help?

Hi @GatorBanana, we still haven’t figured out what’s the cause of your issue and have implemented more log for future investigation. Please let us know if you miss a reward again.

I’ve sent a day worth of reward to your in-game mail. Thank you very much for your patience!

Happy walking!