Missing money and items

So I opened the game today and I had lost he things I bought but the money was not there too , I lost nearly 100 green stones (fit stones I guess) , and a 6 star equipment plus all my diamonds and arena points I had used …, the game went back one day but my stuff was missing my money and the items …

That’s weird, may I grab your game id so we can investigate? Thank you!

3qg83y that’s my I’d in game

Same thing happening today , in arena I’ve already done 3 battles but still have 10 out of 10…

Thank you for your id. It’s gonna take a while and please let us know if it happens again.

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Just had this happen to me…looks like my whole day reset, also lost story progress. Fortunately I caught it on the same day and I was able to collect what I lost again, but maybe it’s related…some cross-referencing might help?


I’ve said this elsewhere, but it’s worth repeating.

You can manually save the game in the settings. I pretty much hammer that feature any time I do anything. Can’t hurt and sometimes helps! Just recently, the game crashed (very rare event). Saving often saved me.

When do I save?

  • About to quit the game? Save.
  • About to visit the forum? Save.
  • Just got a reward? Save.
  • Just got a great 6-star item out of a 6-star chest? Save. Reflect on whether I actually did save or just thought I saved. Save again just to be sure. Equip the item. Did I save earlier? Pretty sure I did but not 100.00% positive. More like 99.99%. Better save again just to be sure. :crazy_face::grimacing:
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Thank you for your feedback. We’ll investigate.