Missing Guild Rewards After Mailbox Got Emptied

Hi @marspark or whoever this is supposed to be addressed to,
I had about 7 days worth of one of the guild check-in rewards in my mailbox but that I hadn’t collected yet (the reward that gives 15 stamina in addition to other stuff), but this morning my mailbox just got emptied without any warning. Can you do something to fix this? My game id is w83kpe.
(Edit: I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that the app kept crashing this morning and I reinstalled it to try and fix the issue. Also, something similar happened to me before after the big update where the archer class was introduced, and that never got resolved.)

Hi @economist1505, thank you for reaching out and apologises to the late reply. I’ve sent over the missing resources to your in-game mail.

The mailbox will only keep mails for 14 days. The update we are releasing now has included that copy.

Thank you @marspark!

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