Missing Glyph 15char

Hi admin, I believe some glyphs are missing in my account.

Is it possible to check the log for me? I apologize for the trouble.

I’m not sure if I accidentally fused the glyph or did it go missing some time ago. Namely, priest guard III as I recall my priest did evoked twice or so during dark rush, after the healing effect. I’m not sure if it is a rollback issue or some saving issue. I do know that I did not ever used any legendary glyph as fusion material tho.

Also, I do remember upgrading the slots availability to 45, and it shows 40 instead. I’m not sure if i remember this wrongly tho. But, for the priest glyph it seemed to be missing for some time.

Please let me know soon, thanks!

Id: 7wbdy9
Server: Power Tablet

Thank you for reaching out. I’ve sent you a private message.