Missing crystals

When I last logged on to the game yesterday I had a few thousand crystals, I hardly spend any that I earn. Suddenly today when I logged on to the game I had less than 50 crystals.

Hi @Wolff215, can you please send me your game id so we can check the log for you?


My game id is zm7gg5

Hi @Wolff215, I’ve checked the log and your crystal consumption and it looks alright. You don’t have ‘thousands of crystals’ as you only had 420 crystals on June 22nd. And then you have earned about 100 crystals per day on average and you’ve used some too so you end up having 42 crystals on June 29th. Are you mistaken with another account of yours by any chance?

No, it’s the only account I have, I guess I’ll take your word for it since you have the ability to look and see.