Missing challenge of the day - bug


I know I’ve seen this on here before, but I’d always been fine until today. I only got two challenges, not 4. They had been split into two lots of two, whereas initially they were one lot of four. Today I just got one lot of two. I am on the tablet server using an iPhone 11.

Hoping you can resolve in time for me to hit my weekly challenge targets :slight_smile:

Ps user b94jgp if needed.

I have been having this issue too. Use to get four now I only get two after the update. ID vb2ym2

As it turns out, this was brought up a little while ago for @marspark to address. The latest update for the game reduced the number of daily tasks needed to achieve the weekly ‘Do It All’ quest.

We can now achieve Do It All IV quite comfortably even with only two daily challenges! :smile:

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