Missing 6 star items

Can you please check my account? I’ve had two 6 star items dissapear from my equipment bag - a philosopher staff and a hell staff
ID: vbe2me

Interesting…I was just going through and I could have sworn I bought a third piece of the gods set for my knight, but it’s not there…thought I was imagining it but maybe it disappeared too :thinking: I will write them down just to be sure from now on just in case :grin:

I suspect that the bug is related to the shop not refreshing properly at midnight - because the shop isn’t refreshing it creates an invalid timestamp on items or something, which causes the item to dissapear

@Meterian Thank you for letting us know. Are you a dev cuz you sound like one! We’ll dig into the log server and DB backup. I’ve sent you some honor coins for helping us out while we investigating. Thank you!