Minor Suggestions

Ghostus has reached max level but the only way I can tell is by trying to water him and failing (which is disappointing). Perhaps the 0/25 could be changed to MAX instead? At least then, I would know/remember not to try (and fail again). :thinking:

The whale has an 81% increased raindrop rate but only shows 1(+0). I understand that it will soon start showing bigger numbers but when first starting out it feels a bit underwhelming. Maybe it would be better to show 1(+0.81) or even 1(+0.8), at least until the numbers are bigger? Or maybe change it to drops per hour so the numbers start off bigger? :thinking:

P.S. The whale is very amusing. I also like that it moves from screen to screen. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Maximum lv status noted
  • Display issue noted

Thank you!