Minor Daylight Savings Bugs

  1. At 1am the saved game time was advanced an hour to 2am. That was actually an hour early. Shouldn’t have advanced an hour until 2am. No big deal. Didn’t affect me at all.

  2. The dark rush time description was correctly changed to 05:00 for me, but the check-in deadline still says 04:00. It should be 05:00.

This one didn’t affect me, but could definitely confuse others. Thought you’d want to know.

Thank you for reporting the issue. We have a history of struggling with day light saving as the team doesn’t have it here :frowning:


You aren’t the only ones struggling with it. I’m a night owl. One year, I wanted to enter my weight in Apple’s health app at about 1:30am on the night that clocks had to be moved back. The app crashed.

And the reason I knew your app adjusted the time an hour early, was because I was actually planning to stop playing/walking when the adjustment happened just to be safe. Oops. You surprised me an hour early.

As a former software engineer (at a game company), I can only imagine what a pain it must be to code around daylight savings time for things like airline scheduling and time sensitive financial transactions. Nightmare.

Your bugs were minor this time, and very hard to test ahead of time. Overall, your app is mostly bug free. So, good job on that. :+1:

Group check-in times have already been fixed, but just noticed the Dark Rush on Saturday shows 04:00.

Update: It now shows 5:00. :+1: