Member not found

Can’t access the game any more- getting error message ‘Member not found’. Got as far as zoo. Can you resolve please.

My account also says member not found. It also says “Network Error. Error: Response Data is not json” when I click on the Friends tab. @marspark can you look into this? My game ID is vPXbSm2+F


Hi guys, there’s an issue affected our servers’ connectivity and it’s now back online. Please let me know if there’s any problems.

@marspark My Pocket Plants app won’t open :cry:. I can’t copy my game ID but hopefully you see it here. I don’t have it linked to a social media acct. I love this little game and really want to finish. Hope you can fix it.

Hi @PieNSky thank you for reaching out. Have you tried to reinstall the game? If you have connected to any of the 3rd party accounts (Facebook, Kongregate, Game Center/Google Play), you should be able to fetch your old progress.

Otherwise, please let me know your new game id so I can manually transfer your data.