Maximum storage space


So recently I found out that there IS in fact, a maximum for stamina(180), runes(30) and coin(1.74k) storage in the adventure portion of the game.

Does anyone know if there is a maximum for equipment and rune storage?


Do you guys know about maximum storage space?


Sorry no, the costs to upgrade always turned me away from it. Plus, there was never a deep need for more space


5 star equipment floods your inventory after you reach hell stage. No need to invest


Exactly, I’m wondering how much room I can make for 6 star equipment


I’m not sure 6 star drops anywhere. I’m deep into the final zone and no 6 star cept from arena stuff


No, 6 star equipment does not drop anywhere, you get it from chests that you buy with arean points. It still ends up in general equipment storage


Usually, you select your 6 star equipment carefully based on needs, so you need very little storage space, in my experience anyway.


When I need to store more equipment, I just go get more heroes and load up extra equipment on them.