Manually Starred up vs already starred up equipment status

I am kind of new to game and i am having this confusion.

Let say i have a collection of 4 star equipment (all six pieces of collection) and another collection of 5/6 star equipment (all six pieces of collection) (that were already stared up, and received from 10 level battles and arena shop).

If i manually star up the level 4 equipment set to level 6 and level up both equipment sets to same level, will the six star set will have better stats than 4 star (now 6 star) set or both sets will give same/similar benefits?

Please help.

The stats will match but not the ‘set bonus’. 5-star based set will have a better set bonus.

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Thanks for help :blush:

Also i see this pattern amongest top players of equipping heroes with 3 pieces of two different sets rather than putting all six pieces together. Does this also helps?

They are choosing to give up the 5 piece bonus and instead get 2 x 3 piece bonuses. Likely a 30% + 30% stat bonus.

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5-star is the highest equipment available to be found?

6-star equipment can be found in the Honor Market (arena shop).

The 6-star gold chest costs 840 Medals of Honor and will present you with 4 random pieces of 6-star equipment. You can look at them and pick one and only one to keep.

There’s also a 5-star gold chest that costs 660 Medals of Honor. I have never opened it and never will.

If you see the 5-star chest, you can pay crystals to refresh in hopes that it will become a 6-star chest. Or, with patience, it will refresh once per day as well and eventually become a 6-star chest.

Here’s the 5-star chest (the one you probably do not want).

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yeah so far i’ve only ever seen 5 star chests there or lower. early on i spent all my income here on pet chests, recently i spent a bunch on knowledge stones to 6* rose. now i will very rarely spend and wait for 6* chest

Come to think of it, you may need to be in a higher league to see 6-star chests. I’m not sure what the cutoff is, but I don’t remember seeing any 6-star chests in the lowest leagues.

And if you are seeing lower than 5-star chests, it is very unlikely that you will see a 6-star chest without advancing further. :thinking:

yupp, need time to save up the currency anyway, i’ll be up there soon :smile:

I saw 2 days ago on the equipment market this 5 star sword (Sword of Guardians) and wanted to buy it but now I guess I will have to wait until a 6 star appears :sweat_smile:

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I’m using 3 Titan Set pieces and 3 Immortality Set pieces.

Each set gives +40% magic and physical defense, so +80% total for each.

The Guardian Set only gives +30% magic and physical defense. However, it does give the extra +40% HP which is very nice, especially since healing ramps up as HP does (healing amount is a percentage of HP).

I still have the Guardian Set but it’s not being used. Not absolutely sure which set is best over the long-term (short-term, the 6-star sets are probably better than the 5-star set not evolved). All I know for sure is that my physical defense with the two 6-star sets is now crazy high, but in a world where magic defense is still mostly needed. Oh, and I also know that my warrior neither feels like a titan nor feels immortal. Usually the first to die in the arena vs. guards and never really does all that much damage. :grimacing::crazy_face:

That said, the warrior does feel like a titan and does feel mostly immortal in Dark Rush now. Rarely needs any healing until the rest of the team is already dead.

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Another point to consider is that you will be able to get 5 star equipment in story mode.

So, really really really don’t expend honor points in 5 stars.

You could buy some in other shoppings to accelerate your progress.

are guards made by the devs or something? after last arena reset i got bumped up to E league and now i’m getting bopped :confused: had a ~50% winrate today. sad after being able to win almost all my matches by the end of last season.

The guards are made by the devs so if you are the only one in a league you will still have someone to fight for rewards.

I’ve been alone for quite a few seasons. I think I may have made a mistake this season though.

Like you, I’ve been winning a lot. Next season there’s a good chance that I will be bumped up into League S. Those guards look more than a bit intimidating. Not only does their listed team power not match the sum of their individual hero power, but they all also have a large assortment of high-end pets. :grimacing:

Unlike you, I won’t be able to easily grow my team’s strength to counter them if they are a problem for me. And I may be stuck fighting them alone for many seasons. :grimacing:

But hey, at least it will be interesting! :grimacing:

I’m trying to reach you by some seasons, but you are a hard guy to catch :no_mouth:. In this season I became the third in server, behind only you and Freddy.

Maybe in the near future I got you and bring some fun to you :joy:. And I have 100% sure I will never beat. But I will try :laughing:

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NO KILL I :scream:

(Hopefully, my 3rd mage will be ready before you catch me. :slightly_smiling_face:)