Mandarin ads? Why?

Why are all the ads I get now in mandarin? It’s bad enough sitting through ads to level up clothing, but now I can’t even understand them! I’m sure the advertisers wouldn’t be happy either. I’ve no idea what they’re selling! I live in the U.K. I get there are mandarin speaker users of Wokaman, but that isn’t me. Only happens in Wokaman, none of my other apps.

Hi @Vissott, thank you for reaching out. We’ll get rid of them in the next update. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you! Can we also have lots of new monsters? And some new planets? I’ve been playing the game for a LONG time. It would also be good if you could choose which accessories to level up, even if it cost more than 36 pieces, as with the 2 random ones each day. Just a suggestion!
Vicky Issott