Magic defense does not appear to be working properly?

I have a knight and a warrior…the knight has significant amount more magic defense than the warrior, but when hit with magic…seems to take the same amount of damage from normal attack as the warrior. I’ve checked this in adventure, trying them both against the same monsters in battle. it would be great if someone could double check that magic defense is working as expected. Thanks!

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Woah, I thought I was the only one. Glitch?!

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Are the HP the same? If the warrior has more hp he could be just bleed tanking. In RPGs bleed tanks have higher health and lesser armor

I’m talking about the amount of damage in each hit though. HP should be irrelevant. More HP should just mean that they can take more damage total. Just say…A warrior with 4K physical defense and 2k magic defense, a knight with 6k magic defense and 2k physical defense. As I see it the knight not only has a total of 2k more total defense, but 4K more magic defense than the warrior. And when hit with magic from the same monster are both taking ~16k damage per hit.

I forgot they actually show the damage being done per attack. My apologies. I was just thinking about how far the health moves on the HP bar

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Did you make sure that you had no pets that were affecting outcome, that levels were the same and the any passive skills were not affecting the outcome?

The best way to test this would be that if after a knight uses Gift (which increases magic defense) does the knight take less damage from magic attacks.

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Hi Trisen, yes…good point on the pets, but I just checked and the only pet affecting and was affecting both was Twinkie, which in my case has no mutations, only has speed and HP on both heros. Both heros are the same level. As for the passive skills and glyphs they both calculate into the totals I’m using for defense calc anyway? checked/compared the damage when neither had their ward on. Other than the pets and potential buffs is there anything else that could affect the defense dynamically in battle?

Ok, I did some testing.

On Normal 5-3 adventure, I used the damage of the first wave mob in the upper right corner for this information so that it would be consistent. My Knight has a lvi 4 Magic ward with +185% magic defense increase when used. Here is how badly they hit me. My conclusion is that the mob uses both magic attack and physical attack which each type of defense affects the damage taken.

Magic Defense: 310 Physical Defense: 274
Without Magic Ward: 2.13k
With Magic Ward: 1.71k

Magic Defense: 310 Physical Defense: 2.41k
Without Magic Ward: 1.95k
With Magic Ward: 1.53k

Magic Defense: 1.28k Physical Defense: 2k
Without Magic Ward: 1.36k
With Magic Ward: 821

Magic Defense: 3.12k Physical Defense: 2k
Without Magic Ward: 893
With Magic Ward: 793

You will need to take in to account the physical defense since it seems some mobs don’t use just pure magic attack but are more like warlocks

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Thanks Trisen, that looks like a good test, when I get a moment I will try that, and also with the warrior against the same mob and see how it pans out!