Mage vs. Warlock?

I’m new to the game, and I have currently 4650 gems. There is a discount for warlock that I can get for 4800, so should I skip this one and wait for the mage? I saw a post that said to save up 6000 gems and buy a 5 star mage early game. Is mage better than warlock? Should skip this deal?


Mage is better than warlock for early game.

  1. Mage scales well with gears while warlock needs a lot of items for it to work.

  2. Mage clears the game the fastest so you can have more resources.

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Wait until you find a discounted mage though.

I would buy warlock.You have already had enough mages.Warlocks are very useful in arenas and adventures.btw you won’t have to wait for discount.

Thx guys, but I skipped the deal, I don’t like the warlock‘s look that was on sale. He is too old looking…

That is the only look for an available warlock that is already 5 stars. If you would like a warlock that looks different, you will need to buy one with a lower star level and then upgrade it yourself.

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Oh, I get it now. Is differences between warlocks? I mean, the skills, i think there’s like arch mage and soul priest, right?

All warlock characters are the same. Once you reach 6 stars you can choose evolution options. With warlock its either: arch wizard or soul priest

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Keep items for 3 mages, good for pve and pvp

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R u the real jingles??
I think ur the only one using 3 mages…

Btw I’m ur fan

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Yes i am, works fine for me :smiley:

Hey, I use three mages as well!

I think I’ll upgrade my 3rd mage and join the gang

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