Mage arena outfits

Some players in arena have bronze/silver/gold outfits but these don’t appear to be rewards from arena challenges. How do you get mage reward outfits?

They are rewards from arena.
I don’t know the chossing system, but is it from there

If I remember right, they are starting from legue D.

The rewards for all arena leagues are for warlock only, not mage

It seems to be random. I’ve gotten rewards for multiple different classes.

I was also just wondering, why haven’t the arena outfit rewards been changed anymore for so long time? There used to be different costumes to win: for mages, priests… but now it’s been the same warlock outfits each time for like, 2 months or even longer. It would be more interesting to compete at the arena if the rewards rotated to different class outfits for each new arena season…

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Also I’ve been playing since the game was released and I don’t think the warrior outfit has ever shown up.