Lucky Draw x 10 needs fix

The lucky draw x10 is not giving new accessories. I used it four times (3996 topazes before I realized it wasn’t working) and did not receive an accessory for either of the two new Christmas Wokamon. All I received were level ups for accessories that I already have. I could have gotten 110 lucky draw level ups instead of 40 for that amount. Please fix!

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Ditto (except I stopped after 2). :wink:

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Is this going to be fixed soon?

I’m having the same problem (also thankfully stopped after 2). Can we please have an update on when this will be fixed?

Hi guys, we’ve released a new build with a potential fix (we cannot reproduce this bug from our end). Can you please leave your nickname here then we’ll send you a topaz package for you to test the functionality again. Thank you very much for your patience and support!

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Marla M is my nickname. That’s Marla not Maria. Thanks.

Where do I find my nickname? My whole name shows up in settings.

Yep that’s the name we are looking for

Hi Maria, I’ve sent you a topaz package, can you please give the x999 lucky draw a go and let me know if you are still encountering the bug? Thank you!

Lucky Draw x 10 results: I got 9 fruit then the tenth items was a new accessory. The second time I did it I got 9 upgrades and a new accessory. I was able to get all 7 new accessories via the lucky draw x 10. After that I was able to collect upgrades via lucky Draw for 36 topazes and lucky Draw for fruit.

Hi @Marla thank you for helping us out. It looks like the bug has been fixed. Please let us know if you encounter the same issue again in the future.