Lucky Draw problem

I have spent many topazes and haven’t gotten one new Lucky Draw item since the last update - it only levels up accessories I already have . When will this be fixed?
Version is 3.6.1 Thank you!

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Hi adorner, did you connect to Facebook? If so can I please grab your Facebook nickname so I can have a look at your data? Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your reply. My Facebook name is HUKUBE TAKU. Yesterday, Using 999 Topaz, I got only one accessory. Thank you.

@adorner, the 999 chest guarantees a new accessory by design and getting a new accessory with the 36 topaz is purely luck. I’ve checked your data and everything looks fine so it’s just a matter of luck. Please try more when you get more topazes!

Thank you for your information. I will try!

After I caped out all my accessories I never got a new one. Maybe over a year now with an average of 5 or more lucky draws a day and have never missed a day I know of. Just figured that if I cap out all the ones I get then the new ones will start.