Lucky Draw Fruit Option

Are all fruits going to be used for the Lucky Draw? I was just wondering if there was a need to keep all of them or if only certain ones are going to be used for Lucky Draw.

@Courtney_Brown only 7 of them will be used for the Lucky Draw, one for each day.

Ah, okay, that makes sense. I was wondering if I needed to keep all the bananas and corns I was receiving.

Which fruits are the 7 used for lucky draw? Does that mean it changes to a different fruit on a daily basis and that it will be the same on say, every Tuesday each week, or for whichever day of the week each week? Or if it changes daily, will the change be random?


Yes it changes to a different fruit on a daily basis and that it will be the same for the same day of each week.


Can you tell me what the fruits are for each day?

I just used the fruit option for the Lucky draw and all I got was a lousy upgrade for the Mountain world.
I wouldn’t have wasted my fruits for that. I thought I had read somewhere that it would surprise me with unexpected artifacts from their home planet that I would otherwise never see in the game.

So am I right in thinking there’s no point collecting corn, pineapple and grapes? I have loads of these. Only started spending fruits etc. on upgrades recently. Any others I can get rid of?

I usually just feed my monsters with it. Haha.

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Me too. I didnt know there was another feature for it though

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I only get new fruit with lucky draw and no more level up’s from acessoires.
Can this be fixed?

Hi An_Ja, are you using iOS? If so, did you finish levelling up all your existing accessories?

I am using iOS. I finished levelling up all the existing worlds, but I have 2 wokamons that don’t level up the existing accessories.

Have you connected to Apple or Facebook? Could I please grab your nickname?

I was not connected to apple or facebook. I just did follow on facebook. Is that enough?
My nickname is kakakakakak

Hi @An_Ja, then your data is stored locally on your phone, unfortunately we cannot investigate it to see if there’s anything wrong. We’ll try to reproduce your issue on our end based on your description and will fix it if we have any clue of what’s the reason behind it. Thank you for your patience!

Oke. See the discussion

Lucky draw only fruits

@[KyoCat] is having the same problem

I saved the game with facebook. Can you do something now with my game.

Can you please let me know your nickname (on the top of your last tab) I’ll check your data.

My nickname is AN JA