Lottery prizes too small?


Is it just me or does the lottery prize pool donation seem rather small and weak? I mean after buying 20 tickets, looking at the prize pool doesn’t make me want to spend the 50 gems to buy another ticket.

Feature/suggestion: make early tickets contribute more and better prizes to the pool and scale back prize pool donations as the pool gets better. Incentive for early ticket purchase is to build up prize pool and incentives for later ticket purchase is to win the pool. Does this make sense?

People don’t want to buy tickets if prizes are low value.


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll let our designer know.


Also would be nice to know who won the last lottery. But I see it looks like if no one wins the prize pool stays. I thought it would be more like a raffle with a guaranteed winner each week. Where a ticket would be drawn from all purchased/submitted tickets for that week.


52 tickets @ 50 crystals each :thinking: won Nothing. I guess I won’t waste crystals anymore.


A raffle would be nice! It seems more like the US state lotteries where if no one wins it just gets bigger. It would be nice if it announced who won it. I have been meaning to post about what happens win you win it because… apparently I got really lucky and I won it! Will post soon.


Ooh …lucky you :moneybag:!!


Congrats :+1:t2:

It’s nice to have a big price, but 50 crystals a ticket is a bit too much. I don’t spend so much on the lottery in real life, so i gave it a try & now i’m watching these stupid adverts while ironing :joy::joy::joy:


Exactly, doesn’t feel like it’s worth the tickets. maybe draw multiple winners? Like 5 members per week. Either split evenly or tiered. partial match for partial prize? More winners may help sell more tickets. I’m buying mainly for guild points since I’m guild leader. But I don’t think many others are buying tickets.


I agree. Not worth the crystals. I stopped buying lotto tickets a while back.

Side note @marspark - I feel like my Artemis account isn’t really earning many crystals at all. Sayuri (lower level) gains a more normal amount, it seems. Any idea why this is?


I just realized you are my leader in arena :smiley:
Anyways i buy the ticket randomly, but i never won, and yes I’d like to know who won the lottery atleast.


When you say not earning many crystals, are you saying the crystals earnings are partially lost or you haven’t received all the rewards?


Maybe because the star rewards in the side of battle is easier to achieve in smaller level. And also the arena gives significant amount of gems and is easier in smaller levels.


It doesn’t seem like the daily step chests (50 steps, 200 steps, 500 steps) give crystals much anymore. Usually just energy?


That could be an additional aspect of it.