Lottery not resetting


I earned my 10 tickets yesterday but am unable to earn tickets for today because it hasn’t reset back to zero.

Or do I really have to walk 20k steps just to earn my first ticket of the day? If so, that is kinda high as STEPS DO RESET EVERYDAY .

Yep, I had to do 12k to start today …now asking for another 4K
(Ain’t gonna happen) :joy:

Hmmm…think I misunderstood, been able to purchase more now :thinking:

It says I have reached maximum ticket purchase for today but I haven’t purchased any today. So it must not have reset from yesterday.

Mine also doesnt reset,. I thought the rules said that i can get max 10 tickets per day,. Then it should be reset everday rite??

I’m still confused too …what seems to happen is the number of steps needed to buy your first lottery each day is higher than day before, then you can buy tickets from 0 - to the new higher step count
If it keeps increasing by 2k extra per day and only resets once a week I probably can only buy say 3 times a week as i definitely don’t do high step counts when I’m not working :frowning:️ So maybe you have to stop buying to not increase the next days count


The goal steps do not increase each day. You need 20k steps to reach max goal and receive all 10 lottery tickets for the day. You haven’t reached 20k yet so it starts you off where you left off the previous day. If you made 12k steps then it will ask for 14k then 16k then 18k. Most step trackers reset at midnight so you have to start from 0 in steps to reach the next goal.

This should not be the case. It should reset the goals so each day you earn your first ticket at 2k steps. And 20k for all 10 tickets.

I walk over 30k steps a day at my job so I maxed out the goal the first day and got all 10 tickets. It has not reset so I can earn the next 10.

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Thanks @Marla:blush: that helps …however, have never, and cannot walk 20k steps :roll_eyes: (have a chronic foot “problem” which can only be corrected by surgery which I’m putting off as long as possible) anyway, will continue to do as much as I can !

Ok, I had an active Tuesday getting 20k & got all 10 tickets.

Wednesday: I needed to get 20k. It was hard, but I got 20.5k just to discover that I can’t get any tickets at all

Thursday, 0:10 : It looks like it’s going to be a repetition of Wednesday- the requirement 20k


You reached max tickets with the first 20k steps and it did not reset to zero the next day. It should have reset back to 2k steps needed for first ticket up to 20K steps needed for 10th ticket. It only let you earn a total of 10 tickets period for the first lottery.

@Marla Yes, it didn’t reset to 2k for Wednesday & it didn’t reset to 2K for Thursday. Luckily the lottery draw was done on Thursday & that managed to reset the counter. I couldn’t get any tickets on Wednesday. Now i’ve started to wonder if it was a blessing in disguise that saved me 500 crystals :thinking:; after seeing that I did not won anything after 18 tickets on one server & 18 tickets on the other server, I wonder if it’s worth spending the crystals.

@Marla @Doreen @Christine_Haryono @Rain

Sorry to hear the lottery reset is causing issues. Can you please help me answer a few questions so we can investigate now?

  1. what’s your game id
  2. where do you locate
  3. did the step count ever reset for you?
  4. does the step count reset for you today?

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your patience!!!

It has never reset to zero and hasn’t reset today (as I thought, I only bought 8k steps of tickets yesterday and will have to get more than 8k today to buy any)
I’m in the Uk and play both servers

Same here.
Today, it begins at 14000 step ! No reset.
My is : Touski zngg4j France


ID: r4y7qk

Server: Fittower

Washington State, USA

My step count did not reset daily - I reached over 30K steps first day and got 10 tickets. After that it wouldn’t allow me to play anymore.

Haven’t bothered to play after first lottery pool and reading that others are still having the same issue.

Server: Fitland
ID: zjqpmx

Server: FitTower
ID: z3gmny

Location: UK

Step count did reset only once, after the lottery draw last Thursday

No reset & currently my step count is at 6K since I bought lottery tickets twice on Thursday before realising that the draw actually happened earlier.

Hi guys, thank you for the information. We just patched the server and it should fix the issue. Please login again and let me know otherwise!