Lottery bug requirement?

I was active yesterday & got 20k. In the morning, I couldn’t get a lottery ticket because the requirement was 20k. Eventually I managed to get 20k at the end of my day & what? I still can’t get a lottery ticket despite meeting the requirement.

Yes i’ve noticed some bug too !
And the way the requirement is calculated is weird.
Because, first day, I only succeed to make 9000 step not more. I need 10000 step.
The next day, I need 10000 step to pass the requirement from the beginning (no refresh). But when I succeed, it goes back to a small amount of step. Until 12000 step.
And today it begin at 12000. I think if I don’t have more than 12000 in any days it will not refresh.
It’s quite difficult to explain what I want to explain. Sorry. :confused:
But it’s like it’s more easy to just do small amount of step everyday in the goal to have a restart of the value…

Rain. For your problem, it’s just that you have reached the maximum amount of ticket per day.
It’s 10 per day. It’s explained in the rules. :wink:


@Vincent_Seomis No, I was not able to buy any ticket at all on Wednesday.

More, currently it’s Thursday for me, and guess what? It looks like I’m not going to get any tickets today either.

@Rain can you please let me know your game id? It should reset each day.


Server: Fitland
ID: zjqpmx

Server: FitTower
ID: z3gmny

Mine is rkvmj9 it’s also not resetting. It’s only worked 1 day

Hi guys, thank you for the information. We just patched the server and it should fix the issue. Please login again and let me know otherwise!

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@marspark Just logged in. Thanks.
My steps has requirement has reset to 2k on both servers.

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@marspark mine is fine too …thank you :blush:

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