Lost wokamon and progress? App keeps logging out by itself?

Previously, I had 10 wokamons, 41 assessories and 11 worlds. Yesterday in the afternoon, my wokamon app restarted itself and I had to log-in to my account again. When I logged back in, I suddenly had 9 wokamons, 40 assessories and 10 worlds. Even the steps I took that day went back to zero! Suddenly my progress was gone! What happened?

Now when I click on the wokamon app, it keeps making me log in and restarts by itself… Also, the steps I take all go back to 0 and I can’t find any way to restore the steps I take… :frowning: I really want my progress back… Please fix this!

Hi Rachel,

I Suggest you to reinstall Wokamon and login your account to see if it still keep restarts.

I have redownloaded the app and it doesn’t restart anymore, however my wokamons are still gone! Is there any way I could get them back? I worked really hard to get them… :frowning: look forward to your reply, thanks.

Temporarily we may not have any methods to restore your data but we can give you some topazes for compensation, could you leave us your game name (Facebook name) so we can give your those topazes

https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009101239386 Thank you and I hope that you guys will be able to find a way to restore the data soon. :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel,

We have send you 5000 topazes for compensation, you can claim that via message, thanks for your understanding.