Lost my progress πŸ’”πŸ’”

I have changed my Facebook password when I came to sync the progress on wokaman I found out that I have lost some of my information cristals and 3 of my wokmons :broken_heart::broken_heart: can I get everything back?

Hi Lamees,

Can you tell us your game name(facebook name) you we can find you in our database.

I had the same problem!! It’s super disheartening, since so much work went into them :frowning:

Hi epicmurdock,

Could you tell us your Game name (Facebook name) so we can give you some topazes for compensation.

It’s Amber Murdock. With all due respect, though, I would rather have back the wokamon I lost. It’s going to take a lot of progress to get them back that I’m not currently motivated to accomplish knowing this could happen again.

Hi Amber,

We already sent you some topazes for compensation, you can claim that via message page.

My Facebook name is Lamees Saud I really wish you can get my wokmons , crystals and lands back :pensive::pensive:

Hi Lamees,

After check with the database, we find it impossible to restore your data.

We already sent you some topazes for compensation, you can claim that via message page.

:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: Too bad iv lost them… how can I prevent that from hapining again??

I suggest reguarly press sync data in the settings

Soooo, I would regularly sync, and had 4 wokamons. Lele was lvl 239 at least, and 3 others including the bread one that costs topaz to get. Also 3 planets, wokaland totally maxed out. After a two week family vacation where I had no data to sync, I sync it up today and my wife wants to friend me so I go to friend her but lo’ and behold my account isn’t synced to Facebook anymore. I think β€œthat’s weird” do the whole syncy thing again and BOOM, I’m back to hatching a level 1 lele. What’s up with that?

Edit: I also had two of lele’s rare items you only get from the random box rewards. So that also really sucks that I lost those.

No replies… Never mind, then. I’m out. Why re-do everything when I’ll probably just lose it again anyway. I’ll stick to zombie run, never lost my game data with them.