Lost my all off my data

I have signed in and see that i lost all off my progress 3 worlds many stuff 4 monsters whats going wrong

I to keep getting logged out and all of my progress topaz’s and purchases are never restored and I start back at ground zero. At this point I have spent at least $12 on this game only to have it forget my progress. At this point I’m going to give a bad review because that is complete and total b*******. I don’t even know if this message is going to be read by anybody because this format of communication is retarded. Thank you for your time if you exist.

@Christopher_Dohmen @Jessica_Florer Thank you for reaching out and apologises to the delayed response. May I please grab your account if you have connected to Facebook? Also a few questions:

  1. Are you using iOS or Android?
  2. Does it happen after you updated to a new version?


Ilogged in with Facebook yes and i have a android device. I dont think so that it was after a update

Hi @Christopher_Dohmen thank you for getting back to me. Can you please message me your facebook nickname so I can check if we still have a backup of your old progress?

Christopher Dohmen. Thats it.

@Christopher_Dohmen Your data is broken due to a database update fault.

Instead of copying your data over which will erase your social data, I’ve sent you some topazes which should be enough to fast-track your old progress. You can collect them in the mail section.

My tip to back-track your old progress:

  1. Purchase the XP and crystals (1st slot with 100 topazes), but only once
  2. Level your monsters, level your accessories/worlds
  3. The value of purchasing XP and crystals should increase substaintally, then repeat the 1st step. To save some topazes, you can go take a walk and tap for a few minutes before purchasing again.

Please let me know if there’s any problems and thank you for your patience!

I think it’s a little bit when you think that all the achievements can not be collected

All the clothes I got from the lottery are gone, too, like the scooter at stu.

That’s true, my bad I forgot to look at your achievement bonus and etc. I’ve sent you another batch of topazes and that should cover the loss of them.

Thank you marspark many fit and fun

hello, i am having the same issue with my account progress being lost. can you please check for a data backup for my account? what information can i give to you for a successful search?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Did you change your Facebook login? You should be able to fetch your data if you connect to the same Facebook account. Also, please let me know your Facebook nickname.

hello, thanks for the reply. i had this problem since april 2019, i dont remember using facebook to sync data prior to that. dis there used to be a server sync or icloud sync process where the data might still be available?

Hi, the only way to backup your data in Wokamon is through Facebook connect. So if you have never done that, then reinstall the game will completely erase the data unfortunately :frowning:

hello again, i did not reinstall the game, just after an update all of the sudden my data was lost. it does not save to icloud or your server? i saw you recovered other user data from server backup in other posts, i am hoping for the same help

Hi @thefireinyourflies, Wokamon’s data is kept offline on your phone unless you’ve connected to Facebook to upload it to our server. Maybe you can let me know your Facebook nickname and I can do a search for your data.

If you are sure that you haven’t connected to Facebook then unfortunately it’s not recoverable from our end. The only way we can help out is to send over some topazes to help you starting over. If you can let me know your old progress (i.e roughly how many wokamons, worlds and etc) then that’ll be great!