Lost honor points after phone froze

Hi! I just was trying tho but new equipment from the honor market and my phone froze. After I re logged in to the app I saw my points missing and no new item. How can I get this fixed?


You posted in the right place. The developers are responsive and may be able to do something to help you out. Just need some patience, especially since it is the weekend.

To speed things along, they’re going to want your game ID so they can investigate. You can find it on the settings screen, just below your player name. (You can get to the settings screen by clicking on your player picture in the upper left corner of the home/main screen.)

There’s a copy icon to the right of your ID. Click on that to copy your ID. Then edit your post (or post a reply) and paste your ID into it. Should be 6 characters.

In the future, also wouldn’t hurt to include @marspark in your post. That’s who will most likely help you out.

Good luck!

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Thank you @Rhandar, and yes @Sidhe-is-me can you please private message me your game id so I can help out?

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@marspark I am not sure how to PM you here. My Game id is xmmppg. Thanks!


Easiest way to message someone privately is to click on their picture to the left of their name in their reply to you (or anything else they post).

A box will appear with information about that person. There will also be a big blue message button. Click on it. :slightly_smiling_face: