Lost Gear and Arena Points After Reset

This morning I woke up and got my Medal of Honors from the previous arena season, I won 1.2k for getting first place in League G. I got up to a total of 2-2.2k Medals and opened up a 6-star chest. I got a warrior sword, which I proceeded to equip and level up to around level 100. My next arena chest was a 5 star, so I never opened it and played around on the game a bit doing some arena battles, looting adventures and doing dailies. I had closed the game after doing all this.

To my surprise, when I opened the game again, I had another 6-star chest in the arena marketplace. Confusingly I opened it anyway and got a warrior ring. Again, I levelled it up and equipped it to my warrior. However, I then noticed that my warrior was only equipping his old 5-star sword, and the 6-star sword was not in the hero bags.

To make matters worse, it would seem I’ve lost the Medals of Honor and crystals that I got from the tournament prize (1.2k medals for winning League G). I was at above 2k medals, I spent 840 this morning on the sword and then another 840 on this ring. That doesn’t bring me down to 197. However, I had almost 1k on me before opening my tournament prize. Which when deducting 840 from the medals of honour without the tournament prize and a couple of wins I did in the arena this morning makes sense.

I had also only spent 100 crystals this morning on signing into my guild, 120 to refresh the arena marketplace chest and also 240 to loot the daily event challenge. I’m currently sitting at 416 crystals, which is far less than one would expect after receiving their tournament prize.

It would be jolly good, and I would be perfectly fine if I still had my sword and lost a few medals of honour. However, I’m unhappy about losing my 1.2k medals, crystals and the sword in one fell swoop of closing the game and opening it again.

My ID: xmxmqm
Server: Twin Peak


They are going to want to know your player ID in order to look into it. You can find your ID by clicking on your player picture in the upper left corner of the screen. This will bring up the settings screen. Your ID is just below your player name (consists of 6 random characters).

There’s a copy icon just to the right of your ID. Click on that icon, come back to the forum, and paste your ID into a reply. This will speed things along.

In the future, I highly recommend manually saving the game on this same settings screen often, and especially just after you’ve acquired something you really don’t want to lose. I also have made it a habit to always manually save before leaving the game, just to be safe. I also save frequently, in general.

You are not the first to have the game not save your progress when quitting. Hopefully, they’ll be able to compensate you. There’s definitely hope!

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Thanks for that tip, I never knew you could manually save the game in order not to lose things. I’ll make sure to make that a habit as well to not lose valuable progress. I only really seem to have an issue at reset time between 12 am to 3 am.

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Hi, thank you for reaching out. I’ve checked the log and it does miss the upgrades/equipments. I’ve sent you the missing currencies and some extra more for the trouble you’ve gone through.

Happy walking!

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I have lost my ranking mid week x2 now. Just happened with last 10 hours ago. Id = vbdqg4 Thanks