Lost crystals and daily rewards

When I updated to the latest version I lost crystals. Again today Wokaman kicked me out and made me re log in and I’ve lost more crystals and also my daily gift. It’s the one where you get 5 chances of the yellow diamonds to up your accessories, I wouldn’t have been bothered otherwise. How do I get that back? Annoying. Oh and we need more monsters and worlds please.

Can you give me the game id so that marspark can investigate the issue?

Where will I find the game ID? It’s Wokaman version 3.8.9.

Please wait a while. I am trying to find out! It might don’t have! Taking time to download.

OOps, Don’t have the game id! You need to take screenshot to let marspark know. I tried but it did not appear. Next time, I wouldn’t ask your game id.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can you send us a screenshot of your Wokamon’s profile page (4th tab)? You can send it to mars.zhu@shikudo.com for a faster response!

Thank you for your patience!