Lost all progress on new server after updating game

Couldnt find where to send an email so posting here. Started character on new server earlier today got to lvl 21. When I went to connect to Facebook and Google play it asked if I wanted to use server data or local data. Picked server assuming my data was on server and not sure what question meant. Then it forced me to update game which I did and all my progress was lost and it started me back like i just installed the game for first time. Name was laharl user id# now is z3q2db for the new server. Not sure if it changed after my progress was reset. If your not able to restore my progress I would like a refund for the 2 purchases I made.

@Laharl sorry to hear that you are having data issues. A few questions:

  1. did you reinstall the game?
  2. I just want to confirm if the ‘local/server’ popup appears in the new server?
  3. have you tried to switch to the old server and see if your data is there?

Please let me know.


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The progress on beta server is still there. Since u stated the max steps was 30k I redownloaded game to 2nd device and it started me fresh. Went to main device and saw that I wasnt connected to fb or Google play on new server so when I went to do that and that when it asked me to pick local or server. I did not reinstall the game on main device just updated it. I did reinstall on 2nd device as I found out that the 2nd device wasn’t causing issues with me getting energybsince there is a cap

@Laharl, glad the beta server data is still there. Is everything fine now?

No the progress I made on new server was the problem and was what got erased. I just restarted since it was the weekend and didn’t think was going to get a response. I did buy the sack of gems for 10$ and win of the day for 1$. I would like refund for that since all of that went to waste or if u can give me the 6k blue gems and the win of the day package sent to me on new server. If your able to send any extra purple star and silver coins would be great for lost time but if not that’s fine. I just want what I purchased on new server or it refunded and I can repurchase

@Laharl no problems. Can you please message me the receipt (or email to mars.zhu@shikudo.com) and I’ll send the purchased items to your mail with some compensation for your loss time. Thank you for your support!

Sent email and thank you