Lost All of my Progress

Been playing for over a year or more, now. My old phone gave up the ghost and my Fitness RPG progress (and other data) went along with it.

The game was great for a while. Still is OK. Looks like new features have been added. Willing to give them a try. Had my own guild and pet and everything (even though the pet did nothing and I wasn’t able to find fragments for it, ANYWHERE).

Really sad and annoyed to have lost my progress and needed to start over from the beginning. #Disappointing.

Was hoping the data was stored on the cloud, rather than locally.

Might drop.the game soon, if this does not get fixed, asap.

Thanks for an otherwise great job! Keep up the good work, otherwise. Cheers!

Hi @Ronin_Ofstag, have you connected to any 3rd party account? If so, you should be able to retrieve your data when you login again. Otherwise do you still remember your game id so we can have a look? Appretince code will do too.

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