Lost all my progress


Hi there, today I opened the app on my phone and found out all data are lost ;;
My nickname was Gre3nely and had unlocked all 10 worlds.
I really hope you help me recover my progress cos I am addicted to your game ^
Thanks, Ciao!


Hi Gre3nely,

Could you send me your current game ID? The ID is located in the game settings page.



Hi Mars,

Thanks my new ID is Fnf8y2Y!h


hey Mars,
do you have any (good) news for me? :slight_smile:


Hi Gre3nely,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve transferred the data to your new ID. Please let me know if you have any issue with the data.



Hi Mars, everything looks back to normal thank you so much for your precious help :slight_smile: