Lost all my data and won't link to Facebook

Just recently started playing again and it asked me to re-link my Facebook account. Now it won’t log in and I’ve lost all my data. Facebook account https://m.facebook.com/jamie.wheeler.37?ref=bookmarks

I think my wokamon account is jamie_wheeler though. I had a lot of data that I don’t want to lose. 19 wokamon

@Jamie_Wheeler Were you playing without connecting with Facebook, i.e. under a guest account?

I’ve been playing for years but I know I’ve connected with Facebook in the past because that is how I connected with some friends. It was working fine for a day and gave me a ton of points for upgrades then asked me to re-connect and broke. I even tried restoring my phone to a previous version but it does the same thing. Just asks me to login then freezes.