Lost account/progress

Lost progress on the old server. When I go to select server it shows Empty File under 2 - Fit Tower. Used to have an account there named FitAari.

I was prompted for an update yday and I think maybe that’s when it got lost/deleted… I mostly play on the new one, but I liked trying out stuff there. Is there any way to get it back?

It’s been showing that I’m a level 1 Olaf on my last server for a long time (even before the update).

I opted to never revisit that server and risk becoming a level 1 Olaf here. :grimacing:

This is a bug that I should have reported sooner. However, it was a known problem then.

P.S. Once starting on this new server, I intended to go back to the previous server and exit the guild so they could immediately find a replacement. Wasn’t worth the risk to me though! Sorry former guild!

@FitAari A unique id is changed after you reinstall the game, so it’s normal that it’s not show up in the ‘select server’ list. If you’ve connected to a third party account, switching to your old server should show a data conflict window and that’s when you choose the right progress.

If your progress is messed up somehow, you can always give us your old id so we can transfer it back to you.

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I didn’t try to change server earlier for fear I would lose my progress on the new server, but now I tried and it was as you said, it found my progress :slight_smile: I also wrote down both IDs, just in case :wink:

Thanks @marspark!

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