Losing progress when restarting the game

A few times I’ve lost progress when restarting the game. I always make a point to check and save before restarting yet I’ve lost various amounts at different times.

Most recently I lost a VERY large amount of progress… essentially an entire day, a class change, many currencies, about 7 stages, and all of the chests opened for the day. The only thing that seemed intact was my Arena progress during that time. Despite making sure the game was saved, upon restarting it rolled me back some 15 hours or so. Additionally, the chest I had opened don’t even show up in my history as being unopened. All of the contents are just gone and I have no other chance to open them.

Suffice to say this is very frustrating.

If this isn’t recoverable, is there at least something I should be careful to do to ensure progress is not lost in the future? It makes me afraid to close the app or restart my phone because it seems so temperamental.

My accounts ID is ng267n.

@Yeargdribble thank you for reaching out. Just sent you a private message.