Loot tutorial stopped me from playing

Hi, so I got into Chapter 2-10 of the game but when I restart the game, the game is trying to get me to learn how to loot. So first the game will guide you to press on Adventure on the home screen right? but when I go into the map, my screen turns darker, I’m assuming the tutorial is trying to let me loot at chapter 1 but I got into chapter 2 so I can only see chapter 2 and my whole screen is blocked by the darker screen (cannot receive response at all). Can you tell me how to fix it?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Do you still remember your game id by any chance? Also, did you update to the latest version?

Yep i reinstalled a couple of times. No, I just started the game yesterday so I can’t recall my game id. Do you know where the saved data is? I tried to locate the saved data to delete so I can restart the game from scratch but every time I reinstalled the game my old progress is still there.

Yeh, we have a mechanism that fetches an old data copy when you reinstall. Do you still remember your nickname in the game? Or can you please find out your device name/model so we can do a search? Please let us know.

My nickname is Olaf and my device is Xiaomi Mi9T

Any updates? Is there anything I can do?

Hi, thank you for your patience. I was just about to ask you for more info to narrow the number of saves down but I may find it as one of the saves’ device name is Majesty.

Please login the game again and see if the fix I applied on the server fixes your issue. Thanks!

The problem is fixed. Thanks!!