Looking for Wokamon friends


Hi, I just started Wokamon the other day. Please add me as a friend User: Sarah Price


I believe I just added you!. I also started playing recently, please anyone add me!

Username: Pao Bche


Also a recent player. Please add Tiffany Getz


Adding everyone!

Erica Diamond


I will be your friend


Please add me also!

Grimme ælling


I play multiple times a day… Please add me!

Matthew Bailey (Picture is guy in a tux.)


I play pretty often- add me! Search Kaitlyn Millet and it shows a pic with me and my boyfriend. I added everyone I could here.


You can also add my boyfriend. Our friends on both our Facebooks don’t even play wokamon. Search his name: Brandon Penalacia and he has pic of him and me


I sent request from game just now.


KayBeth sending you and him request as well


Don’t know what i. Am doing wrong says user doesn’t exist


No idea what I’m doing wrong says user doesn’t exist


Tried add you unsure it sent anything even though showed many with same name. Displayed name on account I use is Louise Smith. See if you can add me. I didn’t know about uninstall and reinstall when I changed phones and created new account because I had iPhone then Android system. Anyone else needing friends feel free to add me


will add you all later. thanks for sharing, was looking for wokamon friends too for a while now.


Add me if you like!
simon buettner.


I added you.

Also looking for Wokamon friends. Melynda Anderson


Samuel Anderson is looking for friends too!


Samuel T Anderson* thanks!


It says “Simon Buettner” does not exist… Do you have the settings set to not allow yourself to be searched?