Looking for new guild

So, our two guild leaders for my current guild have not been on in 33 days.
And participation is obviously waning with us barely hitting 15 check-ins most days.

So, I will be looking for a new guild in 7 days.
Why 7 days? I will hit 3.3k contributions and pick up the guild shop mage that day. I want to hold out until I can buy Ceria. I super check-in every day (that’s how I am almost up to Ceria).

I’m a League B player, regularly in the top 5 and currently running an 80% (yes, 80%) win percentage in the latest league.

All I am looking for is a guild that is level 8. That is currently only 3 guilds, but I figure in 7 days there could be several more level 8 guilds. Obviously none of those guilds have open slots, but if you are ready to take me in 7 days, let me know so I can set it up.