Looking for current friends

Looking for current players to be friends. I have all 10 level residents. It doesn’t look like the developers are going to be adding more worlds, however I don’t want to quit. Please add me as a friend. F3pM_~+8!

I delete inactive players after 30 days to keep the game going. So keep logging in and keeping your residents awake. :slight_smile:


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Well, I just tried, but apparently you are already my friend. :smiley:

I delete at 10 days. Why am I playing this game again? Will we ever see new content? Will Kuhz make it to 1000?

You are number 3 of my 81 Friends!!! :crazy_face:


Also: Hey devs… my screen is squished and crowded. Google Pixel 2 XL.

I too delete at 30 days, but only when I have more than 90 friends.