Longevity of game

I’m just wondering what the longevity of this game is. I feel that just creating a new server every few months stretches the players thin on the old servers and seems like a bad thing for the long run. It makes it feel like you invest all this time in one server than a new one opens and that’s end game. Wouldn’t it be better to have all players on one server and just make updates on game play, characters, etc? It’s not like the game has a huge player base. Don’t know why anyone would want to make it thinner.

The answer is money. They most likely get a huge increase in money every time a new server is opened with a sloping decline, over the life of the server, in people spending money.

@Wootts thank you for bringing it up. As much as I would like @Trisen’s statement to be true (from a developer’s benefits), the real metric that improves with new server opening is engagement. We do get maybe an extra few hundred bucks when new server opens but that’s not enough to cover the trouble we’ve gone through :slight_smile:

Fitness RPG is the kind of game which players can progress as long as they invest time in the game, which means it will become harder for new players to catch up if the server opens for too long. Therefore, we open a new server when new players’ engagement decreases below a threshold.

We do however, aware the problem with old server players and are working on a solution so players can join guild and compete in arena between different servers.