Login / use app from 2 devices

Can I login from 2 devices for same account??

Thank you for reaching out. Yes you can, 1. bind a 3rd party account in settings, 2. connect to the same account on your other device, your progress will be synced over

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Is there a way to revert to previous app data? I just got a new phone and tried to sync my progress but it synced to the app with less progress and I had been using the app for over a year so now neither of the devices show the progress I’d made

Hi, thank you for reaching out. If you’ve connected to one of the 3rd party accounts, then just log in to the same account and you can retrieve your progress. Otherwise, if you remember your game id, please let me know so I can manually transfer your progress.

Hello Shikudo team,

I’m having the same problem with my account. I connected my Facebook account on my iPhone but when I try to connect it on my Samsung tablet it says that the account was already synced, so I can’t connect to both devices. What could I do to track my progress in both devices?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Are you saying that you want to connect 2 progress to the same Facebook account without being synced? If that’s the case then it’s not possible. You can choose to connect to another account (apple / google play, etc) besides Facebook to safeguard your progress.

Hello! I’m having the same issue :frowning: I just changed phones, and I tried entering with the same e-mail but I got a brand new account. I don’t wanna lose my previous one because I worked a lot on it and had 130+ plants.
The user of the previous one was vwv4mv, and the new one is d4gk2k. Is it possible to transfer the progress, please?

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Your old account (vwv4mv) still connects to the striving account. Can you please try to connect to the same striving account on your new progress (d4gk2k)?

Hi, I can’t get back into my account (ID is xkqg9d). How can I log in? Am I connected to any devices?

Hello, I tried, but it didn’t work. How can I access my old account? I thought it was registered through Facebook, but seems like it isn’t

Hi, yes, you’ve connected to the striving account under a gmail account. In order to retrieve your account:

  1. Install striving and log in with your gmail acccount
  2. Connect to striving in Focus Plant.
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It only connects to the striving account. Please do the following and let me know how it goes!

  1. Install striving and log in
  2. Connect to striving in Focus Plant.

Hi, I’m using Focus Quest on iOS, but it won’t allow me to log in via FB. I have tried via Striving, but Striving will not allow FB log in or simple email log in, only Apple, which is not suitable.

How do I log into the apps to save my progress without using either Apple on iOS or Google Play on Android?


Hi, thank you for reaching out. This issue has been fixed.

No, it hasn’t. Neither Striving or FQ will connect to FB.

How am I able to sync progress across devices/OS if not via FB?