Loading issue & data loss

I read most of the posts here, and figured out that if it stops at 91%, I should uninstall and reinstall, and that if there’s the loss of data, I should wait until you manually transfer them.
But this process is continuously repeated. I got my data transferred yesterday, but today loading issue occurred again, so I had to uninstall and reinstall again. I lost all my data once more and they are not automatically loaded. I’ll have to wait until you manually transfer it again. But even after transfer process and reinstallation, I’m quite sure I would have loading issue and data loss issue again and all this time-consuming things would be repeated.
Could you fix at least either of the issues, please? With both issues occurring at the same time, I cannot play the game at all.

Hi nothnx00,

I’m very sorry to know the issue is happening again.

This is a very tricky bug. Despite the fact there are some players reporting it, we are unable to reproduce it on our end. This could be a phone system issues which only occurs to a certain type of Android phones. Our only way to work around the problem is to rewrite the game saving system, and we are already working on this. As the new system will require heavy testing to ensure everything works properly, the ETA is 2-4 weeks.

At this time, I’m afraid manually transfer the data is the only solution. Or we can send you a reminder when the new system is ready online.

Once again we are very sorry for all the troubles caused.

Best regards,