Little Help please

First post, sorry for my bad english. I am a student, my school is a boarding school (live in the school) and the school rules is we can’t bring any electronic device to school. It’s like three months until next holiday.
1.So i want to know, can i just “add activity” in my step count app when holiday. Because i still exercise daily in my school. Can i still collect the past exercise rewards when i loggin to the game at holiday?
2. Is it just fine i left the game for three months or more, how about the guild, should i leave it?
Anyone can answer? @marspark ?
Thanks very much for any answer

Since you said any answers would be helpful, these are mostly just my opinions until better answers show up:

You won’t be able to get 3 months of rewards if you are gone that long. You should be able to continue where you left off though. I played on another server and have been gone from it for more than one month at a time with no problems. I can start back up where I left off anytime I want.

If you leave for 3 months, it would be helpful to your current guild if you exited the guild instead of being kicked out. If you are in my guild, I’d really appreciate it. I don’t actually enjoy kicking anyone out, but it’s something that must be done for a guild to thrive.

You should not have any problems getting into a guild of your choice 3 months from now. Guilds are always looking for new members. Was true at the beginning, it’s true now, and it will be true 3 months from now. I’m fairly certain of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may even want to start over from the beginning 3 months from now, especially if a new server has been launched. I started over when the most recent server was launched. It may help you compete more effectively if you aren’t so far behind most others.

And lastly, if you subscribe to this game (for the magnet and other perks) then you might want to cancel your subscription while you are gone. You can always start it back up when you return. Will save you some money. :moneybag:

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Thanksyou very much. For your advice. I really like it. I don’t think that someone would prepare long for the answer. Thanks, you are actually being my guide since i played this game. I copy your heroes team formation. I read all your advice to the others, what to buy, all that stuff, that really help me out. I just played it in june 03. And now i can be rank ±3 in league F. So fast progress, even if i just step ±17000 step everyday and i dont do subscription s because in indonesia, the subscription value is high because of currency stuff, its not really worth it. My holiday is 1 week remaining. Hope i can be in higher league. Oh if i dont play for ±3 months. My league will be lowered? Once more thanks again
Sorry if i write too long coz excitement. I haven’t got any other nation friends

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That’s great!

As of right now, I don’t think it is possible to go down in leagues. Unless they change things while you are gone, you should still be in the same league when you get back.

While you are gone, others won’t be fighting you though and you won’t show up in the league standings. You have to enter the arena each season for that to happen.

So, when you come back after 3 months and click on the arena, you will renter the arena at the appropriate league for your power and you’ll start with a score of 2000. You should then be able to continue playing as if you never left. :slightly_smiling_face: