Like Topazes Fix Needed

There are at least three (3) accessories that allow you to give like topazes. That’s at least 300 likes available. But we are limited to 200 friends.

Please add a fix that allows us to have at least 500 friends. Since this is one of the few ways to earn topazes this is a valuable fix to a lot of us.

I know the server usage was an issue, but why give us these accessories if you are going limit friends to less than what we are upgradeable to?

Please fix. Thank you!

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HI @Marla

Thanks for telling us, we will continuous optimize our server architecture to better display all the friends.

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Any idea when this will take place. Noticed it was not part of the latest update.

Another option would be to allow us to be able to give multiple topazes to each friend. If we could give up to 5 topazes to each friend, there would be no reason to expand the friend slots. Just a thought.

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There are some golden-accessories that can increase the amount of sending likes, you can get them from the magic chest

Those accessories are why I originally asked that the friends number be increased. If I max out the like accessories I have so far I will be able to send out 305 likes but I noticed that I’m limited to 196 friends. As it is, I’m already giving out 160 likes and will soon be maxed out. Please fix this soon.

Is there a fix coming for this soon. I’ve earned 186 likes of the 305 available. With a max of 200 friends I will end up losing topazes soon.

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